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You really have to admire the marketing power behind Amazon.

On Tuesday, the online giant is having what it calls "Prime Day." It's ostensibly a day full of sales to rival that of Black Friday, but only for members of the retailer's Amazon Prime club (which costs $99 each year). I say "ostensibly" because past experience has shown me that the day offers up the impression of there being great savings rather than actual values. Amazon has daily "sales" for everyone, which leads me to think that Prime Day is really about getting people to sign up for Amazon Prime.

And the Amazon publicity department has been working overtime to promote Prime Day. I was shocked last week to see several news outlets — news outlets! — covering the upcoming event. I have no idea how Amazon was able to convince news directors that this was something worth covering in the same 30 minutes as Trump's collusion with Russia or even the severe weather hitting many parts of the country.

Me, I could care less.

And yet Another Hot Guy.


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