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I've always though that it was toughest to survive the first day of a new diet. It isn't. All the willpower used to bear down and start a new regimen pales in comparison to surviving the second day of the new diet. I'm a bit shocked, actually. It wasn't as if I was consuming mass quantities of food before yesterday, but I'm feeling a bit wasted today. I'm attributing that to the low caloric intake (1114 yesterday out of a goal of 1500) and the fact that the Nutrisystem foods are supposedly diabetic sensitive. I did in fact suffer a sugar crash yesterday and woke up this morning with one of my lowest glucose readings for an a.m. measurement (they usually tend to be somewhat high after a night's sleep because of the dialysis treatment).

I'd say that one of the most positive aspects of the diet is that Nutrisystem wants you to eat. You're given food for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and... snacks! Three servings of snacks each day, actually. I probably won't partake of all that's allowed, but the snacks will definitely help overcome those moments of hunger that might otherwise tempt me to cheat. The plan also takes into consideration that it's not a prison sentence and that people will want to eat out or have something different. I plan to religiously adhere to the diet for the first few weeks, but am looking forward to an occasional tuna salad every now and then (tuna salad is my comfort food). That's if the weight comes off.

Here's hoping.

Now for Another Hot Guy.


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