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So it begins.

My first order of food from NutriSystem arrived late last night, though it showed up too late for me to do anything but open the top to see why the package was listed at a weight of 30lbs. To be sure, there was a lot of food. What's inside the box will be my breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next month — supplemented with other foods that I need to provide (milk, eggs, etc.). It took me a few minutes to get everything sorted into different bags, but the labeling on the packages made that a fairly simple task.

There's a minimal amount of instructions, unfortunately. Companies these days seem to think that they can merely offer on-line FAQs as a substitute for customer service. More's the pity. NutriSystem does have a phone number that I can call with questions, but I don't know whether there's a charge for that (I suspect there is). The little booklet that came with the Welcome To NutriSystem packet spells out some of what I need to do. I'm apparently supposed to eat three times a day with small snacks in between to keep my hunger sated. That will be a change for me, since I was mostly down to just a small breakfast and then a meal for lunch/dinner.

I plan to utilize the onscreen weight loss planner to keep track of my calories. That's a pretty neat feature of the site. And because 95% of the food is from NutriSystem itself, the planner recognizes what food you're entering in your log after only a few key strokes. It automatically fills in all the pertinent information, making it quite easy to use.

We'll see how this first month goes. Now it's time for Another Hot Guy.

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