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I've been in a 3D mood for the past several weeks. Even though the bedroom system is set up for 3D, I prefer to watch it on the 4K living room system. Better display, better audio, and passive 3D glasses that are extremely lightweight (i.e., comfortable).

I honestly do not understand the 3D resistance by so many people. What, people don't like wearing the glasses? Holy shit, I wore prescription glasses for more than 40 years and learned to live with it. I tend to think of people who whine about having to wear glasses as pussies (forgive the use of such a sexist adjective). Most movies last for only two hours, and the difference between a flat presentation and a 3D display is well worth the inconvenience (IMHO). I fucking love well-done 3D films. And yes, I know that not every 3D film qualifies as well done. But when it is done right, the 3D just blows a 2D counterpart out of the water.

I watched Pacific Rim tonight, a film that actually bombed here in the United States. It did well enough around the rest of the world that it eventually earned nearly half a billion dollars. And with box office receipts like that, a sequel was inevitable (Pacific Rim: Uprising should hit theaters sometime early next year).

The failure of the movie in the U.S. is a bit of a mystery, especially considering the relative recent success of other giant monster films like Godzilla and King Kong. Was it the over-the-top fantastical monsters that kept American audiences away? Hard to believe, when a giant lizard with atomic breath pulled in over $200 million at the box office and a giant monkey made $168 million. Was it a lack of connection with the heavy Asian influence? Doubtful, but there may be a grain of truth in that.

Now, I don't argue that Pacific Rim is a great film, but I think it deserved to do a bit better here in the U.S. The visual CGI effects are spot-on perfect from start to finish. And the 3D is some of the best to be found, even though it was a conversion (probably due to the fact that 85% of the movie was created by computers). 3D is perfect for the story of Pacific Rim, and nearly every scene is brimming with multi-layered depth (I especially love the holographic displays).

Unfortunately, the fate of Pacific Rim: Uprising in the U.S. seems predetermined. Theatrical prints will probably be limited to hedge against losses — which will, ironically, guarantee a loss at the box office. That's a shame.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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