notmypresident: (Call me!)

I got the biggest kick from this news report tonight. Apparently, I wasn't the only person — except for the authorities, of course — who noticed the dramatic uptick in civilian displays of big-league fireworks. I'm not in San Jose where the report was filed, but this pretty much mirrored what was going around my area. What's exasperating is that officials had spent so much time before the 4th getting airtime on local news stations warning people that there would be an "increased" police presence to combat illegal fireworks. Total bullshit, of course. And despite all the finger wagging by the men in blue, people simply ignored such childish tactics. Too bad it cost San Jose $50,000 on wasted banners and ads.

Today was the day that I'd set aside to call my friend Jerry back in Iowa to explain how I'd tried to reach Brad twice and received no response. I first thought that Jerry was now giving me the silent treatment as well when he didn't return my a.m. call, but he finally did just a short while ago. I explained to him what had happened and that in no way, shape or form was I going to put him in the middle of this. It would make me sad if Brad did indeed want no further contact, but I wanted to see if Jerry was okay with an occasional call and/or card so that they weren't totally out of my life. Jerry was once again the voice of reason and told me to definitely keep in touch. He couldn't speak for Brad, but he did offer several scenarios of why he'd chosen to ignore me. I admitted once again that I was sorry for having waited too long to try and re-establish our friendship, and he urged me not to give up the ghost just yet. Good news!

Random thought: Superfruit's "Vacation" (playing back on the computer right now) is right out of the Katy Perry mold...

And now I think it's time for Another Hot Guy.

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