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I learned a long time ago that I need a goal for motivation. If I try to accomplish something major without an end-result in mind, I wind up not doing anything at all.

I've been in a rut since NYC. A bad one, actually. The kick in the ass from that visit has left me feeling mightily unmotivated. I've been trying to jump start myself, but that's been met with only limited success (like getting back on the treadmill, but not doing it every day). So to give myself some motivation, I decided yesterday to schedule a trip. In December. I figure five months should be enough time to get back into fighting shape.

I also broke down and signed up for Nutrisystem, which "guarantees" a 10-pound weight loss in the first month. I'm dubious about their claims, but we'll see. The one-month plan for their food was unexpectedly expensive, but it will provide all the food I'm supposed to eat for that month. So if I subtract the money I would typically spend each month on groceries, the plan isn't that much more expensive. It kinda is, but I'm rationalizing the expenditure as a means to jump start my weight loss.

The only real down side is that I've once again maxed out my credit cards (the plane tickets were unexpectedly high despite buying them so far in advance). I immediately went on Amazon and deleted a bunch of orders for items that I can easily pick up next month, when money returns. I did keep my order for the new vinyl Pet Shop Boys releases at the end of July, though. Those likely won't be around for long.

As always, here's Another Hot Guy.

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