notmypresident: (Joan sad)
My efforts to re-establish my friendship with Brad & Jerry seem to have reached an impasse. I managed to get Jerry (the older of the two) on the phone last Sunday, and we spent a good deal of time catching up. Jerry was always the reasonable guy, the one people would rely on to spearhead things. The Voice of Reason, I guess you would say. Jerry gave me Brad's personal number, and I told him that I would try again later in the week to speak with him.

But it appears that Brad isn't interested in talking to me. I've left two voice messages, and I've received no callback. I won't try again, as two attempts seems to be reasonable despite no results while three attempts with nothing to show for it seems kind of desperate.

This has upset me more than I anticipated. I think my expectations were raised after my talk with Jerry; if he had no problem reconnecting with me, then surely Brad wouldn't either. Sadly, that appears not to have been the case. I've been telling myself that starting up our friendship again was a long-shot to begin with. I simply let too much time go by before making the attempt. I suppose there's a reason why Brad might not have returned my messages, but my gut instinct is that he simply doesn't want to. I plan on making a private call to Jerry after the holiday to let him know what's happened and to see if he'd object to my occasionally staying in touch. I certainly don't want there to be any friction between them on my account.

Now for Another Hot Guy.