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I suppose it could the result of my transitioning into an Old Crank, but I've noticed that the things I like/dislike are more and more at odds with popular taste. I've always been a bit outside of the mainstream, being Gay from before I even knew what Gay was, but even so I was an American and actively engaged in things that were popular.

That's no longer true. I can remember looking at the Billboard music charts not long ago and knowing most of the music listed therein; these days, I'm lucky to have heard even one or two. I almost never watch a TV show that's listed in the Top 10 (oh, how I miss "The Good Wife"!). And movies? Well, I hardly get excited about the prospect of going to an actual theater to see a new release. The experience is almost always horrific, including when I went to see Alien Covenant and the last people to be seated plopped down only three seats away and proceeded to chat throughout the movie (though not enough so that *I* wouldn't be the crazy one if I called them out). I don't even seem to enjoy most movies these days. I was super-excited for Wonder Woman, but opted at the last minute to simply wait for the 4k UHD disc to be released.

Is this how people become fuddy-duddies? When did my tastes diverge so sharply from the mainstream?

Time for Another Hot Guy.

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Are you giving curmudgeon lessons?