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Fanboys will be the death of me, I swear by the Movie Gods. If they're not trying to dismantle DCEU movies, fanboys are crying about the "racism" of "Star Trek: Discovery" (not enough white males, too many ethnic cast members). I tell you, my eyes rolled back so far in my head when I read that one that I wondered for half a second whether I'd ever be able to see normally again.

Fanboys gushed about Logan, and turned out in numbers large enough to make the movie a substantial hit (I'm guessing that 20th Century Fox is gnashing its teeth over the fact that there will be no sequel to this moneymaker). I was finally able to watch the film last night in its 4K UHD version, and my reaction is one giant "Huh?"

Logan isn't a terrible film (unlike Alien Covenant, for example). It's perfectly adequate, but I fail to see why everyone was so enamored of it. Perhaps the knowledge that this was Hugh Jackman's swan song in the title role? I dunno. The story is a pretty bare-boned reimagining of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, with the addition of plenty of violence — shoving his trademark adamantium claws into a skull is apparently Wolverine's go-to battle strategy — and a healthy amount of "fucks" spread throughout the script. I mostly felt that the movie failed to take advantage of its great cast. Events are rather perfunctory, and the ending is a foregone conclusion. The movie looks stunning in 4K and the Dolby Atmos sound matches the imagery's excellence.

In the end though, I much prefer the recent X-men movies.

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The cast diversity is about the only positive thing I've read about "Discovery", to be honest. I'll watch the debut, but I'm doubtful about whether I'll actually watch any more of it.