notmypresident: (Call me!)
I had my once-a-month visit with my nephrologist and support staff this morning. I was 100% with all my medications last month, so I was curious to see what the bloodwork results would be. I didn't initially mention my compliance and waited for the results. Everyone agreed that I was doing very well in almost every category, but no one noticed a significant difference. And, of course, the doctor kept pushing me to "do better." That's when I brought up my strict adherence to my medication regimen and how I could possibly "do better."

Doctors need to know when to push and when to back off. Constantly hearing "do better" month after month is tiresome in the extreme, especially in a month where I could not possibly have done better. It's like being on a diet, losing ten pounds, and then being told that's not good enough. I really like this doctor, but her mantra is beginning to work my last nerve.

Everyone was pleased with my starting NutriSystem, and they were also curious about it. I explained how selecting the Diabetic option had actually helped my glucose levels — I've cut my daytime intake by about half, though the nighttime regimen (because of the sugar content of the dialysis fluids) remains somewhat high. They were pleasantly surprised by the lower glucose readings, though in truth it makes no difference to me how much insulin I inject. I'm just concerned about results and don't care a whit about using the injectable pens. I told them that I'm committed to the diet for two months, with only ten days under my belt so far. It's best not to think like that though, as it seems as if I've been on it for longer.

Looks as if it's time for Another Hot Guy.