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Today marks the first full week of my NutriSystem diet. I'm doing well, though a bit disappointed that my weight is the same as it was at my last weighing. I guess I shouldn't expect much of a loss in three days, but the feeling I got when I saw the results re-enforces my feeling that getting on the scale is usually a mistake.

The food is... edible. That's about the best I can say about it. On the whole it's not unpleasant, though I did trash that one mircrowave lunch with broccoli, as it smelled ungodly bad. What's been best is that the diet keeps me eating throughout the day so that my hunger never gets out of control. I don't really have any cravings, and even my hunger pains are minimal when they do occur.

So I see no problem with staying on the diet for the foreseeable future. I'm locked into one more month of food from NutriSystem (if I cancel after only one month, there's a penalty). Still, I'm starting to get a good sense of which of their meals I like and which I don't, and I can adjust my order accordingly. That should make next month smooth sailing.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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Superfruit just released a new music video today from their "Future Friends" EP.

I love the gender-bending attitude of the photo, a theme that's carried out in the music video. Much like the videos that Sia creates, kids have been used this time in lieu of Mitch and Scott. The adolescents are incredible dancers, and the choreography is really top notch. My only complaint would be that the video doesn't include a reference to Superfruit themselves, even though they're wearing the same outfits. I've no doubt that such a cross-fade was included in the original edit but creatively left out at the last minute. A missed opportunity, but I don't think anyone misses the message.

Of course, the video has already caused some controversy — what else is new? Haters gonna hate.

No hate for Another Hot Guy, of course.