notmypresident: (Bugs Monsters are interesting)
I mentioned in my last entry how I'd been considering whether or not to post something a bit more in-depth than what seems to be the current trend in blogging. And I actually spent about a half hour yesterday crafting a treatise on a subject I feel pretty strongly about. It was definitely more in-depth than "Hey, this is where I went today" or "Hey, guess what I had for breakfast!"

But when all was said and done, I opted to ditch the entry. I figure that no one is all that interested in hearing me pontificate (yet again) on a pet peeve. What's more, the entry was pretty negative. And that's certainly something that no one is interested in reading. What's slightly ironic is that my ongoing depression actually has me in even more of a negative space than I let on in my posts. It's troubling and disturbing, even to me. I wake up each day thinking/feeling that the worst is about to happen, that I'll suddenly lose my disability benefits or that I'll be evicted — or whatever other end-of-the-world stuff my mind can conjure.

I'm able to pull out of that initial funk on most days, however, thanks to music and movies and the internet. And I like to think that I've finally begun to take the first few steps down a better road, though I guess I've been saying that to myself (and possibly here) for a long time now. We'll see.

Until tomorrow, here's Another Hot Guy.