notmypresident: (Woof)
I realized this morning that it had been several weeks since I logged into bear411. Seems that I don't miss it one bit and have now gotten out of the habit of simply checking it out from habit. I don't harbor any ill will towards the site — well, other than thinking that the webmaster is a petty asshat who should drown in his own shit — it's just that I apparently don't have a need for it any longer. Unlike a lot of people, I never used 411 as the bear equivalent of Facebook. I just didn't socialize a lot there, though there were a few people I would jot an IM or two on occasion on a very low-key basis. Ah, well.

I've been debating whether or not I want to enter another super-serious blog entry or if I should just keep things superficial. That seems to be the norm these days. Curse Facebook!

Time for Another Hot Guy.