notmypresident: (Happy Girl!)
My love affair with Superfruit continues.

There's a track on the first EP called "Sexy Ladies" that had me thinking that the Gay singing couple had given into pressure to be more mainstream. I shouldn't have doubted. Once I began listening to the lyrics, I discovered a completely different song:

Single ladies
Got no ring on your hand
Baby, I'll be your stand-in man for tonight
Sexy ladies
No, I ain't on your team
But you gonna be my queen for tonight

Oh, I'll be sleeping in your bed
Watching old re-runs of Friends
No, I won't ever make a move on you, no
But I heard your brother's pretty cute!

And watching more episodes of the group's vlog on YouTube has also made me appreciate them more. Mitch (the dark-haired one) is a Classic Queen in the best sense of the word. He's smart, bitchy, quick with a quip, and a whole lot more — in other words, every quality a Classic Queen needs to have. He'd make a formidable contestant on "RuPaul's Drag Race," that's for sure.

The EP has done fairly well on the iTunes music chart (it's still too soon to see the results for Billboard, but here's hoping that more people pick it up (hint, hint). Openly Gay artists deserve our support!

Now for Another (Historical) Hot Guy.