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I've been a registered Beta Tester for Apple software for a few years now. Once you're in the program, you get updates to OS software that hasn't been released to the general public yet. The company puts up lots of warnings about pre-release software, but I figured that Apple wouldn't release anything to Beta that hadn't already been tested to some extent. Luckily, this turned out to be true. To date, I've only had occasional minor discrepancies. Nothing to complain about, and I've been able to enjoy new features before most people get their hands on it.

It's been a little different with Apple's next major OS platform, High Sierra. I downloaded and installed the first beta earlier this week and have run into a number of problems. For the first time in years, the Finder now unexpectedly either works sluggishly or freezes entirely. Really annoying. There's also a display issue in the Safari browser when viewing vertically scrolling sites (images will sometimes only appear momentarily and then vanish completely). At least I've discovered that it's a Safari-specific issue; Chrome doesn't demonstrate the same bug.

I'm not complaining. I still enjoy being ahead of the curve on software updates, but it looks as if I'm finally paying a price for it.

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Holy fuck. For some unknown reason, the amount of people setting of fireworks in this area has skyrocketed (no pun intended)! There must be hundreds of people setting off fireworks from my vantage point. And I'm not talking about the penny-ante kind but the bigger, launch-in-the-sky fireworks that used to be limited to county fairs and city parks. It's been almost constant since 8 p.m. (more than two hours!), so that means these people are serious about their fireworks.

I noted the use of big-scale fireworks last year, but that was only a dribble compared to this year. Did someone have a fire sale on fireworks or something? It's really perplexing. The house here sits on the side of a hill, so I have a panoramic view of the proceedings. Still, it's a little disturbing and I wonder whether it will last much longer. Getting to sleep might be a problem if it goes on unabated.

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