notmypresident: (Call me!)
Scattered thoughts today because my that's the current state of my thinking.

  • My iPad is apparently back from the dead. Couldn't have been more surprised. Looks as if the problem is with the main battery. I tried like hell all day yesterday to get some sort of response from it, leaving it plugged in all day. Nothing. But then, just before bedtime I gave it one last chance and it started up. Go figure.

  • I see Disneyland will start charging people $10 a day for the convenience of booking FastPass access to certain rides ahead of time. This nickel-and-diming of visitors will undoubtedly continue until people balk at the cost, and that's not likely to happen. I still want to try for one last visit myself, but the cost ($1500 for three days) once again sent me into sticker shock territory.

  • I watched Valley of the Dolls last night, a sure-fire kick in the pants if ever there was one. It took me back to that time in the late 1980s when I saw a (mostly) drag version performed live called "Dolls." THe production was incredibly clever, right down to the 8-millimeter films (this was still before cell phones and easy video) that recreated the wacky psychodelic commercials for Gillian Hair Products! Great fun.

  • It's hard to remember that this is a holiday weekend for most. The actual holiday is on Tuesday, but I get the feeling that LOTS of people are taking Monday off as well. More power to them.

  • I've been in a reading mood lately, but don't really have much to chose from. I see that Armistead Maupin has a memoir out now, so that might be a possibility. I wonder if he talks about the huge dick he has, something I've heard from a number of different sources here in San Francisco...

  • Talked to my dad yesterday, who reminded me that he and mom got married on July 4, 1953. He didn't have to prod my memory. I've kept the date in mind ever since I figured out that my sister was miraculously born just four months later. Gasp! It was interesting to hear my dad use words that gave me the impression he still considers their marriage ongoing despite mom's passing. That's kind of sweet. And a little creepy.

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