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A rough night, last night. Sleep was interrupted almost hourly for some reason. It's a mystery, but I still have to deal with the feeling of having gotten no sleep even after spending eight hours in bed. I can't even blame the heat, because the fog banks — San Francisco's natural air conditioning — have returned in the mornings and late afternoons. We're in our period of cool, foggy a.m.'s followed by a few hours or sunlight and blue skies followed by the return of cool fog.

I'm feeling less haughty about my big "Where The Bears Are" discovery. Although at the time I noticed it I was the only comment that had been "liked" by the WTBA administrator, he subsequently went back and did the same for just about every comment there. So much for my detective skills.

My iPad died last night. I seem to be at the end of a cycle where most of my major electronics are giving up the ghost. A few months ago it was the HDTV, now the iPad. Not sure if my desktop iMac is next, but it wouldn't surprise me. I don't plan on replacing the iPad. It's a convenience only, and most of my time on it was spent playing "The Simpsons: Tapped Out." I can't justify spending that much money just to be able to play a game, though I will miss being able to check on my emails and access porn sites from my bedroom...

Now for Another Hot Guy.


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