notmypresident: (Woof)
Hard to believe that "Where The Bears Are" has become such a success that its creators have been able to fully finance six seasons of the Web series! New episodes begin to air twice weekly at the end of August.

After checking out some of the promotional materials for the newest season, I noticed an odd discrepancy and wrote about it on the Where The Bears Are Facebook page:

Hmm... seems we've got a mystery of a different sort as Mark Rowe hasn't been seen in any of the promo materials for Season 6 after his appearance in the Season 5 stinger. Was Reggie dreaming about Jeremy or is the WTBA crew keeping a Season 6 part for him a secret?

I made the post for fun, but was surprised to discover a few minutes later that the person in charge of the account "liked" my post. I'm taking that as an acknowledgment that I've stumbled across something that they don't want to outright discuss. What a hoot!

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