notmypresident: (Gay Heart)
It's the start of Gay Pride Weekend here in the San Francisco region. The big parade is on Sunday, but I probably wouldn't go even if I could. Large crowds always make me nervous, and officials are expecting upwards of 500,000 people — thanks in no small part to the weather forecast, which predicts an end to this stifling heat wave and beautiful weather that's in the 70s.

I'm celebrating Gay Pride in my own way by watching the live broadcast of the parade and by sticking (mostly) to Gay-themed music and films throughout the weekend. I'm going to have to dig out a few movies that I haven't watched in a while. I haven't decide yet whether to keep things light and fun (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert for instance) or to brave some of the more serious Gay films (Longtime Companion).

As for music, I'm sticking with lots and lots of dance/disco music. I'm already re-living some music that I used to boogie to even as I lament the loss of specifically Gay artists these days. Where are the current versions of people like Sylvester or groups like Bronski Beat (or even Village People)? There are a couple of generations after me now who need role models that they can one day look back on with fondness.

Now it's time for some Queer Music, right after Another Hot Guy (x2).