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I'm not really a fan of YouTube and even less so of posting clips. Some of the major content holders refuse to allow clips that they deem to be in violation of copyrights, so there's a huge uncertainty factor. This morning, for instance, I went in search of a famous Saturday Night Live sketch with Gilda Radner's Baba Wawa interviewing Madeleine Kahn's Marwena Deutschland. I could only uncover one clip that was severely edited and of such poor quality that I could barely watch it.

So instead, I turned to my second-favorite Madeline Kahn skit.

You really have to have seen Marlene Dietrich "singing" to appreciate Kahn's absolutely perfect send-up of the persona. Her performance here is so spot-on. Kahn makes it seem second nature, yet every moment of the bit is studied. Perfect.

And speaking of perfect, here's Another Hot Guy.