notmypresident: (Bette Davis Marked Woman)
Not much to report. San Francisco is just at the edge of the heat wave that's been melting half of California, so while our temps have been high they haven't been triple-digit (yet). And of course, it's relative. 94° may not seem all that hot to most, but considering we spend the majority of the year shifting between 60° and 80° thats' plenty damn hot. Worst are the nights, when the house wants to retain all the heat it's stored during the day. Relief is predicted for Wednesday/Thursday.

I had a dialysis clinic visit this morning. All of the people there seemed surprised when I ask what they define as intelligent questions and what I simply call logical. My nephrologist is concerned about my continued low blood pressure, so we've made (yet again) a slight change. Unfortunately, I've already ordered my supplies for the entire month of July and won't be able to implement her suggestions until August. Absent that, she's suggested a number of options for me to raise my blood pressure temporarily that include chicken noodle soup and saltines. Not a bad idea for lunch, come to think of it.

And to keep the temperatures hot, here's "Another Hot Guy."