notmypresident: (Fleetwood Mac)
If I'd gotten my wish, I'd have been spending these hot summer days bopping to the sounds of a new Fleetwood Mac album. But we all know what they say about horses. Instead, I've been bopping to the sounds of "Lindsay Buckingham/Christine McVie," an album promoted as a duo between two of Fleetwood Mac's songwriters.

We'll probably never know why Stevie Nicks refused to participate in what would have been a new Fleetwood Mac album. The band apparently began preparations over two years ago on the project and then waited for Nicks to join. There were numerous reasons given for her reticence — touring, working on her own solo material — but in the end, Fleetwood Mac decided to carry on without her. Strangely, even though every band member but Nicks contributed to LB/CMc, they opted not to label it a Fleetwood Mac album — this, despite the fact that they'd used the moniker at one point when band member McVie herself opted out. Why not here?

In any event, it doesn't matter. LB/CMc is a very good Fleetwood Mac album, even without the name. I must admit that I didn't like LB/CMc on first hearing. I think my expectations (and the aforementioned wish) set the bar too high. And this is not a great FM album. I'd rank it up there with "Mirage," despite the fact that there are no clear radio-friendly pop hits. Absent that, there are a bunch of great tunes that are sequenced perfectly. "Too Far Gone" will be a killer live performance, as will "Feel About You." But my favorite is the duo's collaboration on "Red Sun."

Sometimes I wonder: Do you ever think of me?
And it's worse for me at night, you know
When the red sun kisses the sea.

There are plenty of other songs just as hummable on LB/CMc, so it's probably going to stay on my turntable for quite a while. Maybe not as long as a new and proper Fleetwood Mac album would have, but why wish for the moon?

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