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Uh-oh. It's Caturday, and I'm all fired up and ready to unload.

Philadelphia recently introduced a new Gay Pride rainbow flag. Added are two colors (brown and black) meant to express inclusiveness for people of color. It's an admirable — but I feel misdirected — goal.

Critics of the redesigned flag are, not surprisingly, being called racists for their objections. I abhor this blanket condemnation, one that is dropped far too often these days. I am a liberal who believes in equality for all. I am a white male who recognizes the privileges that often come with that cultural status, and I try to not speak without first considering if I'm speaking from them. I am also a Gay man who knows first hand how it feels to have basic freedoms taken away or denied outright. But you do not get to label me as a racist simply because I disagree with you and it's convenient for your argument.

The Rainbow Pride flag was designed to represent qualities of the Gay experience: Red/Life, Orange/Healing, Yellow/Sunlight, Green/Nature, Blue/Art, Violet/Spirit (there were originally two additional stripes, Hot Pink/Sex and Indigo/Serenity). The altered gay flag adds race to the mix, which completely changes the aesthetic intent. It's wrong. What's more, it opens the flood gates. How many colors for how many different races? And what about gender? And what about [fill in the blank]?

I have no problem with adapting an alternate Rainbow Flag to bring up the subject of inclusiveness. Subcultures in the Gay community — leather men, bears, transgendered — have come up with their own variations of the Rainbow Flag. But I don't agree that the original intent of the Rainbow Flag should be altered (just as I don't believe the U.S. flag should be altered). That's not racism and it's not White Privilege. The Rainbow Flag is already inclusive, and that should not change.

I would say that it's definitely time for Another Hot Guy, wouldn't you?

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Randy Rainbow keeps getting better and better:

Oh, look — it's Another Hot Guy.