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There have been a lot of bizarre team-ups in the history of comic books — Superman and Mohammed Ali, for instance — but perhaps not quite so looney as the one DC Comics published yesterday:

Like any big company (DC is owned by Warner Bros.), the comic book publisher is trying to make the most of its assets. DC has issued several team-ups this month mixing Looney Tunes characters with its tried-and-true staple of superheroes. I'm not sure how they decided to pair Bugs Bunny with the Legion, but there you are.

Given the severe drought of new Legion stories these past few years, I was drawn to this one-shot but had no real hopes that I would enjoy it. I was wrong. The book nicely evokes the feeling of an old Bugs Bunny cartoon and has a lot of fun with the Legion's history in the process. I think it's pretty clear that true LSH fans will get the most from the story (from the colorful costumes to the mentions of numerous plots), but I imagine anyone stumbling across it without any awareness can also enjoy it. I also got a kick from several LGBT references, including a RuPaul quote!

Meanwhile... DC continues to quietly tease real Legion activity in its main books. The Emerald Empress appears to be forming a new Fatal Five in the pages of Supergirl, though we still haven't seen Saturn Girl since her initial tease. Something's up, but this has got to be one of the longest simmering teases in DC's history. Get on with it and bring back a genuine Legion book!

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