notmypresident: (Fear Trump)
It's a terrible thing to admit, but I've reached the point where I automatically assume that anyone with a Southern Accent is scum. This association started years ago when I noticed that the vast majority of ranking officers in the Army were from the South. Then came the televangelists. It has taken on new meaning with the rise of fascist conservatives, who (again) are primarily from the South.

I could stomach watching only a few minutes of Jeff Sessions "testifying" before the Senate Intelligence Committee this morning. His "aw, shucks" smile and Alabama accent seemed a mask, as indeed it was. He tried again and again to use his Southern Hospitality to his advantage ("Hey, I'm just a good ol' boy!"), and it was tiresome in the extreme. Anyone who expects Trump's Inner Circle to be honest and forthright is a fool. These Republicans are using the same strategy as Trump: deny and avoid. "I don't feel I can answer that question" is their mantra when called out on their actions, as if they're daring Congress to hold them in contempt. Which, of course, Congress will never do.

And this approach might actually work for them. The American public became so sick of controversy after Watergate that the thought of uncovering further corruption was too much to contemplate. If Republicans continue to bob and weave for long enough, Congress might assume that the public doesn't want them to pursue the point. I can honestly see Trump emerging from this debacle — not exactly unscathed, but still in office. SAD!

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