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I watched the 71st Tony Awards ceremony last night, primarily for the musical performances. I'd made the mistake of going online before I tuned in, forgetting that the three-hour delay meant that a good number of winners had already been posted on-line. Oh, well.

The awards went pretty much as I'd expected them to, with "Dear Evan Hansen" taking the most trophies. I'd considered seeing it during my recent NYC Theater Run, but the thought of a story about heterosexual teenage angst just didn't inspire me to spend $150 for a seat. I don't regret it. I was surprised (happily so) that Gavin Creel won as the Featured Actor in a Musical for "Hello, Dolly." His performance really won me over for a part I've never much cared for (most make the character of Cornelius Hackl a milquetoast). Of course, Bette and the show itself were shoe-ins for their respective categories. My only disappointment was with Kevin Kline's award for Best Actor in a Play. He was fun, but going through the motions is not what you should win a Tony for.

As for the musical performances, I don't know why they couldn't have chosen a different song from "Hello, Dolly" (except that Ms. Midler probably has the star power to dress only for the award she was sure to win and not for a costume change). "Face to Face" from "War Paint" was a winner (in my book), but performing the final song from "Groundhog Day" seemed terribly downbeat (Andy Karl probably nixed anything strenuous because of his previous onstage injury).

And there certainly was a lot of wink-wink references by host Kevin Spacey to coming out of the closet, wasn't there? The only problem with that is that it's Old News!

Time for a toast with Another Hot Guy!