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By all the Music Gods above and below, how I've missed the Scissor Sisters.

This charity single (for the victims and families of the Pulse massacre) came as a complete (but most welcome) surprise. SS has been silent for almost five full years now, and the recent news that lead singer Jake Shears is about to release a solo album and start his own tour seemed to indicate that the glam group was indeed no more.

But then we got "SWERLK"! Okay, it's not their best work, and it could have used a boost at the three-quarter mark (a key change, a rousing chorus, anything!). But damned if I didn't get a chill when Jake started to sing in the old SS style. Hoot!

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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I bristle whenever I see censorship. Who are these self-appointed Guardians of Decency who seemingly spend every waking moment looking for the slightest provocation? They're hypocrites, of course. And while I'm certainly not the first to make this point, I often wonder why the message hasn't sunk in yet.

I raise the subject because I just caught the first few minutes of Escape From New York on one of the dot channels devoted to old films. This particular channel sanitizes every film it broadcasts, deleting words that the censorship zealots might object to. And trust me, this network takes it to extremes. No swearing of any kind, including exclamations of "God damn!" (though "Jesus Christ!" is perfectly okay when used in a similar vein). And that's just one example.

But what set me off about the censorship of Escape From New York came during the initial scene when hijackers have commandeered Air Force One. One of the revolutionaries makes a broadcast, denouncing the "assholes" who are listening. Except this station elected to mute that word. Apparently, "assholes" is a step too far — never mind that the very same scene shows said hijacker sitting next to the pilot who has had his throat slit. No censorship there, of course.

I make no bones about it: censorship should not happen. Don't take a movie rated for adults (Escape From New York was given an "R" in theaters) and try to clean up the language — but not the violence — so that your kiddies will be "safe" when they watch it or so that you can feel morally superior. I mean, is this the fucking 21st century or what???

Looks as if it might be time for Another Hot Guy.