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Well, today turned out to be... something completely different.

I got about two hours of sleep last night.

My blood pressure has been severely low of late and has left me feeling dizzy and light headed (and not in a good way). My dialysis nurse says that I'm not in any real danger but that I need to be careful when standing because I tend to drop about 30 points when doing so; if my sitting BP is too low (it was 96/72 this morning), standing will definitely cause me to black out. This seems to be the result of a change in my dialysis treatment, so I'll have to consult with my doctor about what to do next. I swear, if it's not one thing, it's another.

One of the original founders of Bronski Beat announced that he's reworking the band's first album and adding a few new songs in, to boot.

I've no doubt that Steve Bronski was only able to come to a release of his new material by returning (once again) to "The Age of Consent," but I'm intrigued. It's true that I gave up on Bronski Beat after "Truthdare Doubledare," but they're still a strong presence in my iTunes playlist. And he's apparently teamed with synthesist Man Parrish for a different song, which should see release before "The Age of Reason."

After about six years of almost weekly sessions, I told Mr. Hung Hippy today that it was time to bring things to an end. My insecurity about my weight gain and general malaise (such as low blood pressure) have had me postponing our time together more and more frequently. He finally snapped and called me out on it, which forced me to realize that I should just face up to reality. I'm not currently in the right state, either mentally or physically, to keep going on with him. I sent him an email that I hope will conclude our long relationship without severing the possibility of servicing his magnificent dick sometime in the future.

Today saw the release of the first 4k UHD disc encoded with Dolby Vision, Despicable Me. Despite my new TV being able to offer Dolby Vision's 12-bit color handling (a step up from 10-bit HDR), my Onkyo receiver apparently can't pass the signal. I'm going to have to do a bit of HDMI cable juggling to feed my UHD video directly to the new TV and feed my UHD audio to the receiver. Or I can buy a new receiver. But I'm just starting to crawl out of the combined credit debt of NYC and the new TV, so I think I'll wait a bit before getting that close to being stone-cold broke again.

I need to do some chores, but not feeling up to it. Maybe I'll watch a movie instead...

Now for Another Hot Guy.