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Working with this lawyer who requested some transcripts that I once worked on has reminded me of the good/bad aspects of court reporting. There are just a ton of hoops to jump through, one of which requires me in this instance to provide the standard CSR certificate of authenticity page, signed under penalty of perjury. Except that I can't sign off on that since I'm no longer licensed. I believe that the attorney will have to contact the Superior Court to find a currently licensed reporter to whom I can simply send the digital files and have them print it out and certify. Sheesh.

I must admit that this has made me look back on my career as a court reporter with diminished fondness. Truth be told, I wasn't that great of a reporter. Well, that's not entirely true. I was obsessively dedicated to producing the best transcripts I could, and that's always good. But I didn't put any time or effort into becoming a better steno writer. I've always had this approach to work that it should not interfere with my personal time. When the whistle blows at 5:00 p.m., that's it. Other reporters would go home and work for several hours on their machines, practicing and refining their steno. Mine was still quite clunky because I didn't apply myself. It made the prospect of real-time writing (where a judge is hooked up to your machine and sees everything you write, warts and all) absolutely terrifying. And then, of course, my diabetes began to affect my health and the resulting neuropathy in my hands made things worse.

So while I enjoyed being a reporter, I didn't push myself enough to be a good one. That's a shame.

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I suppose it could the result of my transitioning into an Old Crank, but I've noticed that the things I like/dislike are more and more at odds with popular taste. I've always been a bit outside of the mainstream, being Gay from before I even knew what Gay was, but even so I was an American and actively engaged in things that were popular.

That's no longer true. I can remember looking at the Billboard music charts not long ago and knowing most of the music listed therein; these days, I'm lucky to have heard even one or two. I almost never watch a TV show that's listed in the Top 10 (oh, how I miss "The Good Wife"!). And movies? Well, I hardly get excited about the prospect of going to an actual theater to see a new release. The experience is almost always horrific, including when I went to see Alien Covenant and the last people to be seated plopped down only three seats away and proceeded to chat throughout the movie (though not enough so that *I* wouldn't be the crazy one if I called them out). I don't even seem to enjoy most movies these days. I was super-excited for Wonder Woman, but opted at the last minute to simply wait for the 4k UHD disc to be released.

Is this how people become fuddy-duddies? When did my tastes diverge so sharply from the mainstream?

Time for Another Hot Guy.