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I let my subscription to bear411 lapse this week. I go through phases where I just don't want to be contributing to the money the site's asshole owner makes. I told myself (yet again) that I don't need to have full access to the site or to know who's visited my profile, that I'd be content with occasionally not being able to log in when there's "high demand." Of course, blocking people from logging in is just (IMHO) an excuse to force people to cough up membership fees, so it's been no surprise that I haven't been able to sign onto the site even once since Monday. "High demand," my ass. I'll keep trying, if only to amend my profile so that folks will know that I've just about given up on the site.

And speaking of giving up, it seems that the last exodus from LiveJournal was really its death knell. Or perhaps mine. The number of people who read my posts has dwindled down to a precarious four or five. And it's a little annoying that, while entries themselves are cross-posted between DW and LJ, comments and replies are not. I have to check both accounts to discover if someone has responded to a post and then answer it on the right platform (and I try to respond to every comment). In the end, it feels that blogging is something else that people are "over with." More's the pity.

Time for Another Hot Guy (x2).


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