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Fanboys will be the death of me, I swear by the Movie Gods. If they're not trying to dismantle DCEU movies, fanboys are crying about the "racism" of "Star Trek: Discovery" (not enough white males, too many ethnic cast members). I tell you, my eyes rolled back so far in my head when I read that one that I wondered for half a second whether I'd ever be able to see normally again.

Fanboys gushed about Logan, and turned out in numbers large enough to make the movie a substantial hit (I'm guessing that 20th Century Fox is gnashing its teeth over the fact that there will be no sequel to this moneymaker). I was finally able to watch the film last night in its 4K UHD version, and my reaction is one giant "Huh?"

Logan isn't a terrible film (unlike Alien Covenant, for example). It's perfectly adequate, but I fail to see why everyone was so enamored of it. Perhaps the knowledge that this was Hugh Jackman's swan song in the title role? I dunno. The story is a pretty bare-boned reimagining of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, with the addition of plenty of violence — shoving his trademark adamantium claws into a skull is apparently Wolverine's go-to battle strategy — and a healthy amount of "fucks" spread throughout the script. I mostly felt that the movie failed to take advantage of its great cast. Events are rather perfunctory, and the ending is a foregone conclusion. The movie looks stunning in 4K and the Dolby Atmos sound matches the imagery's excellence.

In the end though, I much prefer the recent X-men movies.

Now for Another Hot Guy (x2).


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