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I opted not to subscribe to the Showtime channel yesterday after my seven-day free trial ended. Although I did enjoy the first four episodes of "Twin Peaks: The Return," I decided that the eventual release of the new series on Blu-ray would not only be more cost effective but would also contain extras not available on Showtime. I also realized that, in the week that I had total access to the channel, the only other show I watched was the third season of "Penny Dreadful." I quite like that show as well and mourn its ending (there won't be a fourth season), but will also eventually get the collected series on Blu-ray. Other than that, there wasn't a single Showtime series or specials that I was interested in. So, yeah — not much need to pay $9.00 a month for a subscription.

I had a mini-marathon Star Trek (Kelvin Universe Edition) yesterday. All three have been released on 4K UHD, so it was an audio/visual blast to experience them for the first time on my new OLED TV. Unfortunately, this meant that I was left with the bad aftertaste of Star Trek Beyond, for which my opinion lowers each time I see it. What a shit fest of a Star Trek movie this is. I should have stopped with Star Trek Into Darkness, for which my opinion rises each time I see it.

Another cold and gray morning. It's depressing, especially when you consider that the Summer Solstice will is only a few weeks away and we'll be starting that inevitable march towards Winter. Sheesh!

And now Another Hot Guy (and his backyard tree).

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Earlier today I kinda/sorta broke my rule about not purchasing hi-rez digital downloads of music I already own. But dammit, if that PBS documentary on The Carpenters didn't enter my brain and practically force me to buy "Carpenters: Singles 1969-1981."

Now, I already own the hard-to-find SACD of this release, the one with 5.1 remixes. Astonishingly, that sells for well over $100 on eBay, so I'm unlikely to part with it anytime soon. The hi-rez files are only in stereo, but they were offered as DSD downloads with a sampling rate of 2.8 MHz — or 64 times that of the Redbook CD. Impressive, but the proof is in the pudding.

I had thought that the audio would be limited by the source material, some of which are nearly 50 years old. Happily, that's not the case. For whatever reasons — and some purists have decried that the original tapes were altered, even for scrubbing out analog tape hiss (which I can hear on some Carpenters CDs) — the DSD edition sounds superb. It even blows my SACD out of the water. Karen's vocals are impeccably warm and inviting, never as brittle as one might think a digital file would be. The delineation/separation of musical instruments is also top notch.

All of my previous hi-rez downloads have been FLAC files, but this has convinced me of DSD's superiority. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of pop/rock albums with DSD versions. Grrr!

Now for Another Hot Guy (x2).