notmypresident: (Elmer Fudd says Shhh!)
Ugh. Bad writing. It will be the death of us all (not to mention Cher). From a well-known web site reporting on the death of Gregg Allman:

Gregg was proceeded in death by his wife, the actress and singer Cher, and survived by their son Elijah Blue, and his other children Michael, Devon, Delilah and Layla.

I suppose there are a lot of people out there who assume Cher is dead, but... she isn't. Check your facts, dimwits.

And the writer had better not try to blame it on auto spell check ("proceeded in death"???). I've grown so frustrated with that piece of modern technology that I've turned it off. From now on if a post I make has a typo, it will be my mistake and not that of a piece of software.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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