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I really need to figure out how one simple event can send me into a downward spiral.

I have monthly blood work at the dialysis clinic. While home dialysis is a fucking medical marvel, it's just not as efficient as Mother Nature and so can't get process many of the things that kidneys typically handle. The blood work lets my nephrologist know about which medications I should/shouldn't be on to even the score.

Once every three months I also go through what's essentially a kidney physical. It involves a number of things, including much more detailed blood work (i.e., more blood taken from me), the collection of urine, and a sampling of the fluids removed at night by the dialysis machine (which goes into a special bag instead of typically down the drain). It doesn't sound like much, but it's a pain in the ass and I hate doing it. I did the physical a couple of weeks ago, but an error in my dialysis machine voided the results. I had to do the whole thing over again this past Monday, but the courier for the blood work lost the shipment — lost the shipment! — and so I must do it again next week.

I should have just shrugged the double whammy off, but I couldn't. I got home from the clinic and fell into a deep funk. Not even a few Nutter Butter cookies helped. I even blew off a planned play session with Mr. Hung Hippy. If anything underscores the darkness of my mood, it's the cancellation of a chance to suck on a really big dick...

Today's not turning out much better. It's cold and gray. I've got chores to do and don't want to. And yet, I've got to do something.

Time for Another Hot Guy.

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Even though the technology behind it is nearly 20 years old, the downloading of hi-rez audio files is still very much in its infancy. It's frustrating, to say the least. There's a strong sense of déjà vu when dealing with FLAC files. For instance, the inability to segue between tracks without an audio break harkens back to the early days of CDs.

But it's more than just that. The major players in the music arena don't seem to want to jump on the bandwagon — and when they do, it's often in a half-hearted manner. iTunes and Amazon still refuse to offer lossless hi-rez, a real mystery. And new titles show up on authorized download sites in a haphazardly fashion. While some major releases do appear across all forms of media on their release date, the vast majority do not. And when they do, the "hi-rez" edition is often no better than CD quality.

For instance, Kraftwerk had a new release today, a collection of live recordings of all their catalog albums. While I pre-ordered the deluxe Blu-ray set from England to be able to watch everything in 3D, I thought it would be nice to also pick up the shortened edition as a hi-rez download. After all, I love all things related to synthesizers and I currently have no hi-rez Kraftwerk files. "The Catalog 3D" was indeed made available to download, but only in 44kHz — the same quality as a CD at a 50% premium. Yeah, fuck that. I'm not going to reward record companies trying to squeeze more profit out of a medium just because it's new. That happened early in the CD era.

What's more, labels seem to be unloading crap titles that they apparently figure will sell because downloading is the "new" thing. Was there really a demand for a hi-rez (192 kHz!) "Jonathan Winters Wings It," a mono album originally released in 1968??? Yeah, I thought not.

Ah, well.

Now for Another Hot Guy.