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I'm usually cursing the Technology Gods for all the problems they put in front of me, but today I'm singing their praises. As mentioned, I've been stymied by the odd placement of the antenna connection on the back of my new OLED TV. You really did need to be a contortionist to even reach the upside down input, and there's zero room for fingers to manually screw in the connector. I was never able to get a secured connection, which meant that the antenna would simply drop out of the upside down location if I so much as even sneezed in the living room.

So I went online to look for some sort of extender to make my life a bit easier. What I found instead was a right angle connector! And bibbidi bobbidi boo, the antenna is now firmly attached to my new set and I'm able to watch over-the-air broadcasts. A minor victory, to be sure, but a victory nonetheless.

I've been listening to the new Erasure album. My "limited edition" orange vinyl copy showed up earlier this week, but I went ahead and downloaded the hi-res digital file available through Pledge Music. It's a perk that Pledge sometimes offers the lossless FLAC versions at about the third of the cost that Big Music charges (for instance I paid only $8.50 for "World Be Gone" on Pledge and it would have been $25 on the various download sites). The album is lovely, fully of haunting melodies — which is in keeping with its apparent theme of loss and carrying on. As such, there are no real punchy tunes that I associate with the duo and the overall pace is a languid one.

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Full-on comic book geek mode for this post.

So... "Supergirl" aired its season two finale this past Monday, and either the writers are severely fucking with fans of the Legion of Super-Heroes or their script had a lot of coincidental parallels to LSH lore. I rather suspect this was a case of the former.

Season Two introduced Mon-el into the storyline. The character is, of course, one of the most powerful members of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st century. "Supergirl" played fast and loose (mostly the latter) with the character, introducing some plot points which were later seemingly ignored. I can grant the show a certain amount of creative license, of course. I don't have a problem with Mon-el being revealed as a spoiled rich prince back on Daxam because that provides a nice story arc for his slow emergence as a hero on Earth. I don't even have a problem with Daxam presented as a sister planet to Krypton, itself nearly destroyed when Krypton exploded.

What I disliked about the second season was its mishandling of the details. Mon-el's vulnerability to lead was introduced early on and then forgotten. Listen, lead is more common in our society than gluten, and there's no way he could have survived all this time. And being from a sister planet, Daxamites should have the same (or nearly so) powers as Kryptonians, but that didn't happen until this week's finale when Supergirl was forced to duke it out with Mon-el's mom, the queen of Daxam. There goes that entire "he needs to have time to absorb yellow solar radiation for his powers" argument.

But I digress. The second season finale punched home some rather obvious nods to the Legion. In Adventure Comics #350 Kryptonite particles infiltrate Earth's entire atmosphere, forcing Superboy and Supergirl to leave Earth's future and resign. In "Supergirl," Earth's atmosphere is infiltrated by lead particles to force the Daxamites — including Mon-el — to leave Earth. In Superboy #89, Mon-el nearly dies from lead poisoning and is sent to the Phantom Zone, where he is released and cured by the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st century. In "Supergirl," Mon-el leaves Earth in the pod that brought him here only to encounter some sort of portal in space. Now, this could be an entrance into the Phantom Zone or it could be a time portal to the 31st century and a potential cure.

And, as I said, it could be the writers fucking with Legion fanboys. But... we've already seen a Legion flight ring on display several times throughout "Supergirl," so it's apparent that the group is in the mindset of the show's creators. And Chris Wood as Mon-el is listed as a returning regular for season three of "Supergirl," so unless he and Kara are good at intergalactic Skyping, he's got to find a cure for his lead allergy somewhere. I just hope it lies with the Legion. And they wouldn't have to give us the entire group all at once; simply showing Saturn Girl (who initially produced a temporary cure) or Brainiac 5 (who came up with the permanent cure) wouldn't exactly bust the show's budget.

Well, a fanboy like me can always hope.

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