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I got into a bit of an online kerfuffle over Alien Covenant yesterday. It was in the film forum of Blu-ray.com on a discussion board that covers all things related to home video (including films). There were plenty of fan boys praising the movie to high heaven, and my first reaction was to ask "You've seen this movie, haven't you???" But that would be snarky. So instead, I posted my own opinion without attacking anyone else's. I kept it brief and even put posted (behind a spoiler cut) what I considered one of the film's many plot holes: How did the Engineer ship that David piloted to the colosseum/arena on the Engineer's homeworld wind up crashing into the mountaintop where it's discovered by the crew of the Covenant?

Well, of course, the fanboys pissed themselves. "That's not a plot hole," one wrote, "it's just unexplained!" Hmm. I didn't take the argument any further — trolls need to be fed to survive, after all — and perhaps I should't have used "plot hole" to describe one of the many, many script failures. But it paints a picture of a writer and director that just didn't give a shit, a point that the final movie underscores over and over. And then some.

Tonight is the premiere of "Twin Peaks." I must go now and activate my one-week free trial to Showtime to see if it's going to be worth subscribing for the show's duration or whether I should simply wait for the Blu-ray.

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