notmypresident: (Scream and Scream Again)
Sweet Jeebus, but today's astronomical pollen count is taken me out for the count. Weather forecasters have been warning for weeks now about what the combined effects of our especially wet winter (after five years of record-setting drought) and the suddenly warm weather would have on pollen-producing wildlife. I've been able to shrug most of that off, thankfully. Not so today. My eyes will not stop watering, and I've had to double down on the antihistamine. Here's hoping that's enough to get me through the day. It is super annoying to have to blink every few seconds just so I can see through the tears.

I watched the original Halloween last night. At the beginning of the Blu-ray they had some trailers for some (then) current films, and I had a sudden realization that Hollywood seems to have moved on from its Torture Porn phase. You know, movies like Hostel, whose only purpose was to slice and dice characters with stomach-churning special effects. I always thought these "movies" were not only disgusting, but vile in their base indulgence. But perhaps Hollywood has moved on since audiences can now get such appetites satisfied through the current atmosphere of fear, loathing, and hate inspired by the Republican party.

Now let's have Another Hot Guy.