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It's odd, how the internet can lend a sense of intimacy when there really is none (or next to none).

I was shocked to read that Riley, a big (big!) black & white fur ball who was parented by Alex-Jon and [personal profile] evilgreenrobot, had died suddenly of a blood clot/coronary. I mean, I've never ever met this cat, but I was still upset to know that he'd died. This must be devastating for not just his two caretakers but also his companion, Viola. I know that, as a cat, she'll get over the loss quickly, but it must be strange in the extreme to suddenly be faced with a house where she is now one where just the other day she was two.

All the best to AJ, Alan, and Viola.

Now it's time for Another Hot Guy.

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I think it's time that even the most ardent fans of director Ridley Scott — myself among them — must face the fact that Sir Ridley doesn't know what the fuck to do with the Alien franchise. I've just come from the first preview performance of Alien Covenant, and I haven't been this disappointed in a sequel since Batman and Robin. Yes, this movie is really that bad. So bad in fact that I'm going to disregard the whole "no spoilers" internet edict. This is one film that doesn't deserve such respect.

Let's start with at least something positive: the movie looks fucking gorgeous, even with its desaturated/bluish palette. Sir Ridley hasn't lost his eye for amazing framing and lighting, even if he's lost control of every other aspect. After the rather dismal reaction to Prometheus — which I still quite like, by the way — Alien Covenant was positioned as a return to form, a horror film designed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats; no psychobabble about meeting one's maker or what mankind's purpose is. But to my surprise, it not only covers the same territory but plows on even more of the same.

There wasn't a single moment of tension throughout this thing. The original Alien practically made me pee my pants; Alien Covenant practically put me to sleep. Right from the very start, with Guy Pearce (once again?!?) reprising his role of android Creator Peter Weyland, the movie fails to ever get off the ground. Not helping are the regurgitated nods to the first three films. From the choppy descent of the lander to Paradise to the long trek to the derelict ship to the neomorph that runs up and down walls like an acrobatic dog — even to the recycling of musical moments from Alien and Prometheus (the theme of which the insane David plays on a flute!) — it's all been done before. And don't even get me started on the "twist" ending that anyone can see coming a good half hour before the credits roll.

There's not a single new idea in Alien Covenant that would make this worth anything other than a quick rental. Talk about disappointing!

Now for Another Hot Guy, who's anything but disappointing.