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I often wonder about the mindset that beautiful people have. I'm not talking about someone with average looks, but about those who are exceptionally handsome. Do they think of themselves the way others must think of them? Do they look in the mirror and think "Damn, I'm goodlooking"? I mean, they must have some sense of self-awareness. After all, how many times do you run across a frumpy goodlooking person? Looking good, after all, is a bonus in our society. It stands to reason that the extraordinarily goodlooking take steps to feature their best assets (like, for instance, spending all those hours at the gym transforming themselves into musclebears).

It's been said that our genetic makeup drives us toward those beautiful people, no matter what our own looks are. I agree with that evolutionary theory. And I've noted that it applies to beautiful people as well. There are exceptions to everything of course, but on the whole you're much more likely to see two beautiful people paired with one another than with someone who isn't quite in the same league.

There are times when I envy the beautiful.

And on that note, here's Another Hot Guy.

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Wow, this was unexpected: D.O.J. Appoints Special Prosecutor.

I mean, not unexpected as in undeserved, but unexpected in that I thought that it would never happen so long as Republicans toed the line behind Trump. I suppose that means that cracks are beginning to form in their resolve to cover his ass for the sake of their own?

The only thing that troubles me is, that if Trump is forced to abdicate resign, then Pence will take over. And I fear his holier-than-thou Christian attitudes more than Trump's greed.

Let's just move on with Another Hot Guy.

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Man Claims Girlfriend Accidentally Choked To Death On His Large Penis, Demands That Jury Sees It

At the very least, could I get some wallet-sized copies of the evidence???

Okay, okay. I guess I'll just have to settle for Another Hot Guy. Or two.