notmypresident: (Even Supergirls Cry)
Super-hot delivery guy today for my medical supplies. Beefy (with tats!) and a thick, lush black goatee with just a hint of salt and pepper beginning to creep in. And then I moved closer (who wouldn't?) and got a strong whiff of nicotine. Damn. That's a deal killer for me. I had to back away because just the smell of nicotine can make me ill. I blame my super-sensitive nostrils, which could pick up on that nicotine smell from Mr. Burly even 10-15 minutes after he left. Glad I had my windows open.

Last night's episode of "Supergirl" was all about the Daxamite invasion. Lynda Carter, as President of the U.S., was revealed to be a Durlan. I knew she'd been shown as being an off-worlder previously, but I think this was the first time that Durla had been mentioned as her home planet. Let's see: that makes three planets in the show with links to my Legion of Super-heroes! Hmmm... But getting back to the show, it was a well written first act to the two-part season finale. The return of Calista Flockhart was especially fine, and she actually served as a major character in the Daxam/Earth conflict. The finale next week will also bring back this series' Superman, who is apparently duped into duking it out with his cousin, Supergirl. I'm guessing there's going to be a visual nod to that famous last-issue cover for Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Time for Another Hot Guy.