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Wow. This little trailer for the upcoming revival of "Will & Grace" must have cost a few pennies...

Like so many people, I enjoyed the original series... with a few reservations. The big question I have for the new version is whether the Era of Trump will once again hobble NBC when it comes to making "controversial" moves. I mean, at the very least, Will should kiss a man every once in a while. Is NBC going to put that off limits (again) due to a backlash fear from Trumpettes? I tend to doubt it, but I'll keep my fingers crossed all the same.

I had a moment in a dream last night where I was at a urinal trying to... well, urinate. Nothing happened, and the guy next to me leaned over and told me that it was okay, to just let go. I immediately woke up and realized I really had to piss — something my Brain Theater was trying to tell me via my dream. That's never happened before, that I can recall! And it proves that old axiom that one should never listen to strangers... especially those at a urinal!

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I was kinda/sorta sad to see that "Two Broke Girls" has been canceled after six seasons.

It's not as if I regularly watched the show on CBS, so I can't exactly have the same reaction that I did to the cancellation of "The Good Wife." But I do regularly catch the reruns on the CW (owned by CBS) and I even have the first season on Blu-ray (subsequent seasons were DVD-only).

What kept me from being a fervent fan was that one of the Two Broke Girls is a spoiled, narcissistic ex-rich girl (Beth Behrs) now forced to live with another broke girl (Kat Dennings), a street savvy, wisecracking waitress. Let me tell, you that spoiled rich girl really rubbed me raw. The writers were clearly going for a Lucy Ricardo type, one whose inanities could fuel plots. But who wants to watch a whiny, self-involved twit? Not wanting to watch a character that I would spend ZERO time with is the reason I'm also only a casual watcher of "The Big Bang Theory." I mean really — who, in their right mind, would tolerate Sheldon Cooper's behavior for even a microsecond in real life?

But the supporting cast in "Two Broke Girls" helped me overlook Behrs' character to enjoy its humor. Jennifer Coolidge (who wasn't even in the first half of the show's initial season) always gets laughs, as do Garrett Morris, Jonathan Kite, and Matthew Boy. I've even incorporated one of Coolidge's best lines ("Oh, no!!! Not the hot one!!!") into my vocabulary for whenever something goes wrong. Yeah, I know — weird.

Still, feeling kinda/sorta sad that the show has reached its end.

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