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I don't observe (or even remember) most anniversaries. I admit to not seeing the point. Millions of Americans fall all over themselves to commemorate even the most trivial of things, from Little Johnny's first step or Miss Suzy's first kiss. What is the point? And that's not even taking into consideration folks who mark the anniversary of terrible things that happen to them. Is there a reason besides wanting to experience the pain over and over again each year? They have a word for such behavior: masochism.

So I don't keep track of how may years it's been since my mother died. I know that she's gone, and that's enough. I do remember to call my dad around this time to offer my support, but not on the exact day that she passed. How ghoulish, not to mention cruel.

But I do remember that I last saw her alive on Mother's Day. Mom was scheduled for surgery to relieve the crushing back pain she'd been living with for nearly 20 years at the end of that particular May, and she didn't want me to see her "in that condition." We made arrangements for me to fly up so that I could offer my support. My family is not big on expressing sentiment, but I managed to overcome this inhibition and tell her not only how much I loved her but how much I respected her as a moral example. I could not have asked for a better parent when it came to one with a decent, caring soul.

I was at work in a courtroom in San Francisco when I got the call too weeks later that Mom had died from surgical complications. But it hasn't tarnished my observation of Mother's Day. Each time it comes around, it reminds me how incredibly lucky I was to have known her.

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So I'm getting excited about the continuation of "Twin Peaks," which starts a week from today — just slightly over 25 years since the show was canceled by ABC (and just over 25 years since Agent Cooper has been trapped in the Red Room!). I'm so excited, in fact, that I will be subscribing to the Showtime channel via Amazon. More and more cable companies are offering themselves à la carte, which frees viewers from having to pay an exorbitant cost for a cable network that might be flood with channels that mean nothing. This will be my first try at a channel subscription, and it will be only for the 18 weeks that "Twin Peaks" is on (though knowing Showtime, they'll stretch the air of the show over six or eight months).

To prep myself, I've started to rewatch the entire original series. The Blu-ray box set is an incredible payoff, featuring remastered audio and sound, in addition to plenty of extras (though I never choose to watch The Log Lady episode intros). It's incredible that the show still seems surreal even after all this time and all the wannabe clones that have come along since 1992. It only hurts a smidgeon that I now know some of the show's secrets. Still, that gives me a new perspective. It's interesting to see how Laura Palmer's killer acts in plan sight of the others, for instance.

I'm sorry that David Lynch missed the 2016 launch date so that he could tie into the "25 years later" premise set up in the original series. Still, I'm sure there are plenty of other surprises in store. And rewatching the two seasons will definitely make it all seem fresh again.

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