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From an article published today on The Huffington Post site:

Nevertheless, the silence from most elected Republicans is likely to continue... until Trump’s behavior starts affecting the prospects of individual officeholders to keep their jobs.

“I don’t think that’s going to occur until they sit down with their pollsters in the latter part of the year ― when the there’s no-interest-like-self-interest rule takes effect,” Weaver said.

It's funny, because my last post was about exactly this.

In other news...

I managed to get the antenna hooked up to the new TV yesterday! Trust me, that was a major accomplishment. The "F" connector is so fucking 18th century when it comes to ease-of-use, especially when the TV manufacturer obviously doesn't think people still use antennas and so place the connector in the worst position possible. In any event, I managed to finally make the connection — a tenuous one, I think, because I didn't have the heart to fiddle with it once it felt as if it was going to stay in its upside position. And in something that came as a bit of a surprise, this new TV has a much better tuner than my old Samsung. I'm getting a bunch of over-the-air digital stations that I previously didn't. Who knew there were so many dot channels for the Vietnamese and Chinese and Korean communities? One of the dot channels that I'm especially pleased to now get (with surprising clarity) is "Comet," which specializes in science-fiction/fantasy films. Their source prints are shitty, but I can overlook that.

Time for Another Hot Guy.

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Uh-oh. LiveJournal (will I ever be free of you???) seems to be late in delivering entry comments. Frustrating. Plus, I'm sure it makes those who do comment a bit angry by the appearance that I'm ignoring them. I'm not, I swear! I do try to respond to each and every comment, unless the comment is complete unto itself and doesn't require anything further from me.

Now for Another Hot Guy.