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After yesterday's exertions, I had no trouble falling asleep last night. I managed to get in a solid eight hours of sleep, which I definitely needed.

I'm still super excited by the new TV. I just want to curl up on the couch and watch 4K videos all fucking day. But if I did that, when would I find time to make a blog entry? The only real downside to this episode is the clean up. There's a ton of styrofoam packing materials that are bulky and difficult to cut/break into smaller pieces. And that's not even counting the box the TV came in. I'm gonna need a bigger boat for that one.

My first UHD movie on the new set was Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Extended Cut. The movie always looked pretty great in 4K, and I wanted it to serve as a primer for Wonder Woman next month. I continue to marvel at how much better the Extended Cut (which, from what I've read online, is actually Zack Snyder's original cut before Warner Bros. demanded it be cut) is than the theatrical release. What were throwaway scenes and characters that made no sense in theaters now stand revealed as threads in Lex Luthor's intricate plan to set up Superman as a villain to the people and to get Batman to hate and despise him. It never made all that much sense in the theatrical cut as to why the two heroes would fight, but it's easier to fathom in the Extended Cut. And Luthor's creation of Doomsday also makes much more sense as a backup plan, something that was entirely nonsensical in theaters.

Okay, okay. I'll stop with pushing how much I think the film deserves to be re-evaluated in its true form. But it does.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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I think that those of us who hate, loathe and despise Donald Trump need to recognize one thing: he ain't going nowhere so long as he's supported by the Republican power elite. And right now, those aging dinosaurs need to support Trump because if he goes down, they stand to be seriously tainted in future elections. That might lead to their own downfall, and (as we know) those in power will do anything to stay in power — even turn on and devour one of their own.

No, what's needed is a major revelation/break, one that's so bad that it forces Republicans to fear for themselves. That's when the first major cracks will appear in Trump's tenure and not before.

I'm just sayin'...

Now here's Another Hot Guy for the road.