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Ugh. My esteem for FedEx is down by about half a notch. For the past week, the usually reliable FedEx tracking system said that my new TV would be delivered on the 10th. And the web site showed that, indeed, my package had arrived in nearby Oakland at 4:30 a.m., plenty of time for the delivery to happen as scheduled. So I waited. And waited. And finally, I called the company and was told, "Oh, that's the delivery date for us to receive it, not you." I'm sorry, what???

So the operator made an appointment for my TV to be delivered today, between the hours of noon and 4:00. We'll see how it goes.

A little bit of weirdness yesterday as I was taking the trash bins up to the street for today's collection service. There were two guys shuffling about on the sidewalk, not doing anything besides playing with their phones. As I got the last trash bin in place, one of them approached me.

"Say, can I ask you a question?" "Sure." "Do you know when your neighbors will be coming back?" Ah, so these guys were either process servers or debt collectors. "I've no idea," I said. I didn't, but I wouldn't have told them anything even if I knew. "So, umm... do you know about that thing that happened a while ago?" he persisted. "You mean the murder?" I said. "Yeah. It happened here, didn't it?" he said, pointing to the neighbor's house. I chuckled. "No, it happened down the street." "You sure?" he asked. I laughed again. "I think I would know if someone had been killed in the house right next door," I responded. With that, the two guys got in their car and headed off. I could only head back inside and scratch my head, wondering what it had all been about.

Looks as if it's time for Another Hot Guy.

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The new TV finally arrived about two hours ago. I asked the freight driver if he could help me get it to my door (they typically won't even carry it down from the street level), and then I slipped him a ten spot for doing just that.

Then the battle to unbox and set up a big-screen TV by myself began. Oy vey ist mir! I'm fucking exhausted from the strain of it all. This LG set is much heavier than my Samsung, and it required screws to properly connect the screen to the base. First I had to spend time trying to get both elements to where they were at the same elevation, and then I had to deal with the screws themselves (not easy when neuropathy prevents your hands from feeling such things).

But after much stress and plenty of cursing, I got the damn thing together and managed to flip it up into place. Phew! The HDMI connection was a breeze, but I didn't have any luck trying to connect my TV antenna. The location of the input is actually inset AND upside down. I mean, who designs these things? After about 15 minutes of twisting myself into a pretzel to try to get the right angle, I gave up. No watching broadcast TV for me tonight. But that's fine, since I now have access to all of my UHD discs, not to mention Amazon Prime Video streaming.

The imagery is stunning. I know I'm predisposed to thinking that it's better than that of my old Samsung, but it is. There's just no question. And I think the Samsung began to break down a long time ago. When I accessed Amazon Prime Video on the new LG, I immediately saw listings for UHD playback — something the Samsung did initially but then failed to display later on. The new set also has Dolby Vision playback, but that only applies to films encoded that way. The first DV UHDs will be released next month, so I'm excited to see if there's a noticeable difference.

Must rest now. It's great to once again have access to my universal player and the downloaded hi-res music.

It's also great to once again offer Another Hot Guy.