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Ooh, gurl! Judge Judy really socked it to this self-righteous mother today. The case involved an ex-husband suing to recover attorney fees for having been falsely arrested and having a restraining order issued against him. Judge Judy, having carefully read the affidavits of both the plaintiff (the ex-husband) and the defendant (Miss High and Mighty) beforehand, spoke only to the defendant. After listening to her basically hang herself, Judge Judy tore her a new one for vindictively having her husband arrested and put under a restraining order so that she could use it in the child custody case — something the woman had apparently done in the past with the fathers of her other two children. And when the woman kept smiling and laughing from her position of entitlement, Judge Judy returned to her bench and delivered a further indictment of how the system had been played by the smug bitch. You go, Judge Judy!

In other news, Image Comics will be donating all the proceeds from its variant covers during Gay Pride month to the Human Rights Campaign. I particularly like The Walking Dead cover:

But I also get a kick from the Redneck variant. Someone should make a t shirt out of this one:

Now for Another Hot Guy.


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