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I've found that I need something to look forward to if I'm to accomplish anything. I just can't seem to work up any kind of motivation without something in the works. Since NYC kicked me to the curb, I've had little to no interest in doing anything. On the Motivation Scale right now, I'd register about a negative 5.

So for the past few days I've been postulating a potential new trip at the end of the year. Even though I'm currently in no shape for traveling, I've been telling myself that six months of hard work and dedication should help me improve. My two-month dieting pre-NYC was a bust, but it's beginning to look as if that might have been an issue with my dialysis. Balancing my dialysis regime is always an ever-changing battle; take too much off and I suffer from low blood pressure and fainting, while taking off too little results in high blood pressure and weight gain. In any event, my kidney doctor and I are tweaking the program a bit and that seems to have helped during the past couple of weeks.

The internet is like a giant wish book when it comes to thinking about traveling. With just a few clicks, one can check out plane costs, hotel costs, and (generally) day-to-day costs. And planning for December or January gives me enough time to raise the necessary funds.

My first fantasy is a winter trip to Berlin. My father was stationed in West Berlin when I was a teenager (I graduated from West Berlin American High School), and I loved the city. I haven't been back since German reunification, however. Air fare is surprisingly cheap (about the same as my cost to NYC!), and I've already scoped out a well-regarded hotel in a Gay neighborhood that is also reasonable. And while this trip is most definitely the long shot of all the ones I'm considering, I've already started the process of getting my passport issued.

My second fantasy (and really, my first choice) is a winter trip to Disneyland. I haven't been in quite a while, and I swore I wouldn't return until after the park was no longer torn up/shut down during construction of Star Wars Land. That doesn't mean that I don't want to go before then, however. I really do love the place. But (and it's a big but), Disney has obscenely jacked the cost of both staying at and getting into Disneyland. A three-day stay at the Disneyland Hotel (my only choice) now costs more than a five-day stay in NYC! And that's not even considering that the price of an annual pass has gone up by about $250 in just a couple of years (though living in California does give me the option of paying for the pass in monthly installments). Nothing makes a company more greedy than the smell of success. And I guess they have to find some way to pay for Star Wars Land, after all. Still, the sobering aspect is that a trip to Disneyland for three days would cost about the same as a seven-day trip to Berlin.

My third fantasy would be a return to NYC, but it's still too early to know what the winter theater scene will be like. I'd like to show up again for all of the possible hookups I missed during my past trip as well, but I definitely need to lose a lot of weight for that. Still, talk about motivation!

There are a couple of other possibilities, but those are the ones that excite me the most. And I need to feel excited to get my fat ass back on a diet and exercising once again. We'll have to see where this goes.

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I thought I would start to clean out some of my closet junk. What was going to be a simple afternoon of decluttering things has turned into a rather massive chore. It's a case of one thing leading to another. I move that CD to a storage bin, moving that book into the bookshelf formerly occupied by the CD, then transferring my vinyl into the spot previously taken by the book. Lordy, is this going slowly!

But along the way I'm deciding what's worth keeping and what's not. There's that old adage that, if you haven't even touched something within the past six months, it should be sent to the scrapyard. I'm not prepared to do that exactly. I'm a collector, after all. I'm not going to get rid of my first edition hardbound copy of The Exorcist just because I haven't picked it up to read in several years. Ditto for all my early Stephen King novels. What I am willing to part with is several hundred CDs now that I've digitized practically my entire library of music. I'm also giving up on a bunch of DVDs/Blu-rays for movies I've watched only once. Really, I've been shaking my head about why I even bought some of these things.

I've told myself not to rush the process now that the scope of it has been revealed. And that's fine. It's not as if I need to clear the space for the imminent arrival of a boyfriend moving in.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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Dear gods of the universe! As if we needed further proof that Trump is an egotistical fucktard, he actually took time out in his letter to the (now former) FBI Director to point out how Comey himself had taken points to assure Trump that he was "not" under investigation. This bit of self-serving propaganda (Trump knowing that the contents would be splashed all over the news) was planted squarely in a letter terminating a major employee. Trump as much said "Yeah, we don't want you anymore, but I was great, wasn't I?"

And it's so ironic. Comey was the tool of the Republican party during last year's election. Without his revelations — which are now being used to fire him by the very people who benefitted from his actions — Hillary may well have won the election (though Republican gerrymandering would still have made it rough going). It's also quite surprising. Cutting someone off at the knees — someone who once worked in your favor — is the fastest way to creating a mortal enemy. I can only assume that the Republicans are pulling some behind-the-scenes shenanigans to prevent Comey from becoming exactly that.

Wow. I mean... wow.

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