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Hollywood is known for coming up with film sequels that should never have been made (Grease 2 comes to mind). So when they announced that a sequel to Ridley Scott's incredible Blade Runner was in production, I thought "Well, here they go again."

But the first full trailer for the movie has me wondering if Blade Runner 2049 might be an exception to the rule.

Let me tell you that the Fanboy in me nearly cried when I first heard the reinterpretation of Vangelis' amazing score from the original.

Aside from the incredible visuals, the movie seems to exploring the human/replicant dichotomy more deeply. Jared Leto appears to be a replicant who crafts new replicants, perhaps to fight against Blade Runners. In the original film, it was suggested (and later confirmed by Ridley Scott) that Deckard himself was a replicant who was hunting and killing other replicants; are about to see replicants created to hunt replicants created to kill other replicants? I dunno. That's just a first impression. I'll have to wait until October — October! — to see the actual film. But this trailer accomplished its goal of making me excited about the prospect.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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Last night was a rough one for me. The insomnia has returned in a big way, starting well over a week ago. I've usually been able to find ways to distract and/or calm myself enough so that sleep is possible, but my brain just would not shut itself down last night. I have this Brain Theater that likes to create scenarios in my head about the most unlikeliest of things that just doesn't stop once it's started.

For some reason, Brain Theater's MainStage production last night was all about how I would redecorate my father's house when he dies. I mean, one isn't supposed to think about such things, and I typically don't. But last night I was obsessed with what I would do to make Dad's house over.

The first problem would occur with my sister and the matter of our inheritance. Dawna has always been rather self-absorbed and tends to see things in a protective what's-in-it-for-me way. I proposed in Brain Theater that I would sign over any interest I had in the house so long as I could live there until I die. It's a win-win for both of us; I could live rent-free (the mortgage has already been paid), shelling out only for the yearly property taxes, and my sister would eventually own the house outright. After all, my life expectancy is really only two to five years at this point. I would also be free to make cosmetic (but not structural) changes to the house. Dawna would, of course, see the pure logic of this arrangement.

Dad's home is currently very much dictated by parents' tastes, which are most decidedly not mine. There are lots and lots of thick, heavy, and dark furniture throughout that would have to be either sold or donated or put into storage. I would slowly use whatever inheritance money my folks left me to gut the living room of its horrible carpeting and knotty-wood paneling, installing instead hardwood floors and bringing in painters. Next up would be the purchase of more Mission-Style furniture from a local store that sells handmade furniture in the style. Then would come the installation of the home theater system via a wall-mounted extra-size OLED TV and speakers for the true Dolby Atmos 9.1 surround sound experience.

The rest of the house makeover would happen more slowly, but I would definitely open things up and get rid of the heavy curtains my parents used to block out the sun (this, as opposed to installing some sort of air conditioning when they first bought the house). Not only are the curtains oppressive, but Portland's climate has changed to the point where air conditioning is a must. Dad has otherwise kept the house up nicely when it comes to its infrastructure, so there's no need to worry about major demolition. And there's no rush once I have the home theater set up in the new living room.

So you can see that I didn't put a lot of thought into this... just until about 3:00 a.m. I finally told myself that I had to go to sleep, so I got up and threw on a movie. It was my hope that it would distract my brain from thinking — and that's exactly what it did, about 15 minutes later. But boy, am I paying for the lack of sleep today.

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