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Phew! Looks as if Russia hasn't quite got the world in its pocket. France has elected Emmanuel Macron, the non-Nazi candidate for President. This, despite the last-minute reveal of hacked e-mails, an obvious move to discredit Macron. Sound familiar?

I heard news outlets state before the election that today's election would reveal whether the "conservative takeover that began with the election of Trump" would spread further throughout Europe. That, of course, reveals the head-in-the-sand bias that many U.S. news organizations have when it comes to the rest of the world. Poland, for instance, has retreated to the Dark Ages with its ultra-nationalist fever. Great Britain isn't too far behind, and Germany itself has been rather far-right for quite a while.

Macron's win is even more amazing when you consider how much France has been through this past year. Terrorists seem to kill and maim with regularity there, and that's something that might result in the election of fascists who promise to protect the borders from all the illegals. Sound familiar? Thankfully, the French resisted that base (and ridiculous) premise to vote in a sensible candidate. Way to go, France!

I'm betting Donald Trump is shaking his head, wondering how the Russians could possibly have failed to sway today's election.

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Ah, a boring lazy Sunday afternoon. Not having an audio/video system that's up and running sure puts a crimp in things. And since I'm (relatively) caught up on my house chores, there's not a lot of things for me to do. Except make another blog entry, of course.

I'm conditioned to think of Saturday night as Creature Feature Time, so I went looking for a good horror movie to watch last night. I wound up pulling Deliver Us From Evil from my Blu-ray collection and threw it into the player. I haven't really found all that many horror movies from the past ten years that I actually enjoy, but this is one of them. It's directed by Scott Derrickson, whose claim to fame is Sinister (and its sequel), a movie I didn't think much of. Deliver Us From Evil is based on the supposed "real life" experience of a NYC cop who encounters a demon that compels people to do unspeakable acts of violence. Even though I don't give religious films like this any sort of validation, I do still enjoy a scary/creepy movie as much as the next guy. Derrickson himself does believe in demons. During his commentary, he even attempts to prove their existence by pointing out that real exorcisms take place all the time — so that must mean that possession is real, right? Umm, no, Mr. Derrickson. Despite his flawed logic however, the director has still put together a stylish film with nice acting turns by Eric Bana and Joel McHale and plenty of icky moments. As the main possessed guy, Sean Harris pulls out all the stops. He's so unrecognizable that I didn't even realize he was the same actor from Prometheus.

What to watch tonight? I'm conditioned to think of Sunday as Classic Movie Night, so I guess it will be a pre-1960s Hollywood standard.

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