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My internal clock is seriously off. I spent most of the day yesterday thinking it was Caturday, only to be rudely alerted late in the day that it was merely Friday. For someone who plans his day out in detail, a revelation like this can throw things out the window. As such, I was very much in a "fuck it all" attitude. I wanted to watch a movie, but it would have to wait until bed time to be able to watch it in the bedroom. By that time, I was didn't give a damn what I saw, but I thought I would go with a camp classic.

Except I forgot that Lost Horizon isn't a camp classic. It's just a bad movie, from start to finish. And not bad bad (that would come close to making it camp), but merely terrible. It's incredible to see what a disaster this thing turned out to be. I remember being pretty excited to see it when I was a teenager (me, being a true camp classic even at an early age) and how shocked I was by the result. Just about every aspect of the film falls flat: music, singing, choreography, costumes... on and on. What's particularly disappointing is the script by Larry Kramer, the noted author and AIDS activist. I mean, there should have been some camp or Gay aspect to Kramer's script, but it's clear this was merely a paycheck for him. I'm going to have to watch something really good tonight to get this bad taste out of my mouth.

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Yay! USPS just delivered my limited edition LP of Blondie's new "Pollinator" album. I don't know what the fuck was up with the tracking information, but that's par for the course with their entire system. I'm just grateful that it got here in one piece and undamaged.

The vinyl is a solid cherry red to ostensibly match the cover image, but it's not quite the same. No problem. The download code was printed on a sticker attached to the LP sleeve, which is the first time I've seen a company do that. It's usually printed on a separate small piece of paper — perhaps too many people complain about how easy it is to lose it? I dunno. No hi-res download, unfortunately. I may need to shell out the extra bucks to get a FLAC version.

I'm pleasantly surprised that I'm enjoying "Pollinator." It works much better as a sustained round of listening, something I wasn't expecting from my reaction of the four songs I'd previously been allowed to download. Ms. Harry is in good form, though she sometimes has trouble with some of the high notes. But that's just me being bitchy — Debbie gets multiple extra credit for still rocking out at her age. I've still got three songs that have yet to play, but so far, so good. A nice way to spend Caturday!

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When we last left songwriter Lucian Piane:

Aside from the appalling racist rants and self-hatred on Twitter, the talented artist also spent a lot of time stabbing many of his associates (and practically everyone else) in the back. I mean, you do not go after Mama Ru, the artist who gave you some big-time exposure. Talk about burning bridges...

But Piane recently tweeted what purports to be an apology/explanation for his breakdown:

It reads right, but... then again, it doesn't. Piane's language is dodgy ("might have been offended"). He also feels the need to underscore that it was his decision to leave Drag Race. It may well have been, but the need to paint himself as a victim and in the "right" light taints what is supposed to be an apology. And that's not even considering his "marijuana psychosis" defense thanks to an overdose. Umm... I'm not a cannabis expert, but what he's describing sounds more to me like a crystal meth problem (though I'm no expert with that drug either). There's too much about the apology that doesn't ring true to me, which defeats the intent.

It remains to be seen whether Plane can bounce back. I noticed that he co-wrote one of the songs on the new Blondie album, so perhaps he's on the right track again.

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